Dec 18, 2008


A Testimonial of a successful TH hit posted in Accurate Locators web site.

Artifact Treasure Hunting in the Philippines

Dear Accurate Locators,

I thought you might find the enclosed story interesting! I have included pictures for your review. All I ask as agreed please do not give out names, places or any other personal information. First let me say we are very pleased with the results of the Pin Pointer Pro and to further thank you for your professional support before and after the purchase. There is so much technology on the internet and they all claim to be the best. We did our due diligence and decided to choose your company and we are so happy we did.

Early morning September

SNAKE While digging out a Sewer across the river, two men uncovered a wooden snake which prompted them to come see me. It turns out I have hired these guys before to do miscellaneous jobs and they all know I'm in the industry, so in return with a written agreement I went over and located the area to start digging. I asked them when you first found the snake which direction was it pointing? They looked at one another and shrugged there shoulders mumbling to each other Gago' which means stupid. I said its ok guys lets continue on.
The property was quite large approximately, half has about 5000 sq Meters with coconut and mangoes trees scattered throughout the property and directly to the north from where the wooden snake was found was a growth of very thick Japanese bamboo another good treasure sign.

I divided the property into 2 zones and started the first scan in Live Mode. From a starting point I choose a large Mangoes tree and with my compass started south to north and in grid formation keeping the antenna vertical at all times (just like the manual said). I walked straight as I could for an old man and stopped, I placed a rock at the end of the scan. I walked back to the Mangoes tree and stepped over two feet and started the second scan, the grids were all uniform in sequence spaced two feet apart. Most of the area was GREEN in color with a few RED streaks here and there most likely iron black sands. As I grew closer to the discovery of the wooden snake I noticed the color graphics changed to solid Red then suddenly BLUE color for 5m give or take, I then dropped an old sweat rag on the spot to come back later. As I passed over the wooden snake (digger's hole) the color turned back to green. I repeated the process 1 more time with the same results. I told the diggers the chamber might be over here! They said, dele' which means no it's over here where the wooden snake is! I said maybe OK LANG which means ok in there native tongue not arguing with the guys with machetes, but I did say I think you will end up over here 5m from your hole! Needless to say they kept digging downward and after several hours they uncovered a white heart shaped rock, followed by another medium sized and another smaller one. I started to think twice doubting my scanning results that maybe I'm wrong? Heart rocks are a sign that marks the "Chamber to a treasure site".
After this I have never seen these guys work so fast and furious at least not when I was paying them! The dirt was flying and I must admit I was anxious as well. I told them to watch for other markers and try not to move them around. Ignoring my advice the dirt kept flying, soon after I heard a ping the sound of the shovel hitting something hard, not heeding my advice the one man tossed up a river rock and said "Wala" means nothing.

I took the rock down to the river side and washed off the encrusted dirt. And sure enough there appeared a deeply carved out arrow pointing the direction of the chamber. I went back and explained to these guys the reason for the markers and how important they are to follow; they are directions to the TREASURE chamber. They both now finally agreed "OO" (yes) tired and exhausted we called it quits for the night.

The next morning early sunup we resumed digging this time more alert watching for more signs! Several more feet down the guys hit another rock this time they left it in place, I said take your knife and put a little scratch toward the river side of the rock. After washing it there appeared a "W" which is the sign of "DEATH", this worried me that somewhere was a bomb or poison. We continued digging down with extreme caution now and after several hours we uncovered two more rock's, I washed them and each had a hole in the center; this confused me the meaning of this? So we took a break and I called my close friend a professional in Japanese SYMBOLS && SIGNS and he said; "This sign have a similarity to the Japanese code which is 100 percent verification that they are the real deal for this reason, the marking are made by man not by work of nature"! There is a double meaning with the two rocks, the one hole not as deep means "GOOD SIGN" and the other deeper hole means "OPPOSITE SIDE". I then told him we found other markers a snake, arrow, w, and now the two rocks! He said follow the direction of the Snake head and arrow rock that is the direction of where the treasure chamber is. I thanked him!


After this I just laughed to myself knowing we had a 360% chance of digging up the whole property to find the chamber! The markers we found now had no meaning! I decided to scan the same site one more time with the Pin Pointer Pro! The results were the same as the first scans the background of all the property was mostly GREEN with some slightly RED streaks, but there was still that solid Red then Blue area with definable boundaries. The equipment it's telling us something? And digging dry holes is not fun, we just want to be sure! At this point I re-read the manual. I then scanned over the RED and BLUE area 3 more times all in different directions walking 5m grid lines. We now had the RED and BLUE area quarantined with Rocks and Mangoes. To determine the depth I repeated 3 more scans as follows, in the red the numbers were quite high 15 to 17 and the Blue 13 to 16 as I continued walking the numbered declined to 2 and 1. I repeated the process 2 more times with the same results determining the depth was 15 to 16 feet give or take a few feet. So we decided to take a chance and started the excavation once again trusting our evaluation of the equipment. At first it was a boring hole with NO markers or indications of treasure. I told the guys keep digging to at least the 16' foot depth level the same as the other hole with the markers. Just so the guys would continue without complaining I agreed to pay $500 peso each that is $10 USD. So they agreed and kept digging and like I said before not as fast. Day 3 was the day we reached the 16' level and there suddenly something changed. There were carved wood logs and hard chunks of mud like cement material and tons of river sand, I knew immediately what this meant "BINGO" we hit the chamber! The chamber was small 3x4 feet according to my shoe measurement.

As for the results well look for your self at the pictures I enclosed, lets just say we all moved to another province and I'm taking up investigating WWII sites as a full time business! This was a valuable experience and what I learned is "TRUST YOUR EQUIPMENT and YOU WILL GET THERE FASTER" being patient learning to listen to what the technology and Physics is saying! This equipment does not lie it's just the interpretation that needs to be understood. Markers are not always an exact indication of the treasure chamber site although, sometimes they are. Take our site as an example. There was a good chance of not being able to use or decipher the markers, it's like archeology work. I'm so grateful we had the Pin Pointer Pro on site or we would have lost this very rich opportunity.

The technology of the Pin Pointer Pro was telling us all the time there was something there, man made, a void in BLUE was the chamber and metal in Red, and even though there was sand filling the chamber it was still a man made difference from the surrounding nature geological soil. Also note, I'm almost positive the Japanese used other clues and calculations already known to the site and forgot to put it in, ha' how convenient. Once again thank you Accurate Locators for your professional advice and service. If it was not for you I would not be where I'm today. I have total confidence in your technology and advice now. I will be back very soon to purchase several more pieces of equipment. Its hard work but the rewards far out-weigh the different, and somebody has to do it!

Your friend always!

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ying said...

hey, we found a platinum looks like handle of knife amd looks like a eagle, we this in lake of kiblawan davao city.. please contact me 09085948108 or and i upload it on youtube just type (eagle sign made of platinum)

Mhar said...

hey..its ram, we had found a egg likestone and it has engrave in it a three x and an arrow..2nd is a heart shape stone.. and thelast oneis engrave in the big stone its like an equal sign two straight lines..could you helpme bout this... we havent found the treasure yet.

Mhar said...


boboy v said...

please help and share me the meaning of the sign of head,foot,heart,tongue this sign and symbol is getting in every feet again what is the meaning of this thank you.pls. email to

edison burgos said...


edison burgos said...

Sir,can you help me,about thise snake sign in the rock beside the river falls,the other one is heart sign in the rock also in the center,of falls,if you have answer me,chat me,

Elmo said...

The last photo on your post. Is that your actual recovery? If it is then congratulations. And yes, I agree with you. You should purchase more reliable equipment for future use.

Hoberto Rono said...

Sir elmo please help is interpret. Ehat is the meaning of a diamond rock shape, and ang pile of rocks connected with a cement.

Hoberto Rono said...

We are already in 54ft and we encounter and huge rock and we cant determine how big it is. But on top of the big rock was a rock with 3 holes in a triangle sign and beliw the rock was a 3 rocks with different colors.

Hoberto Rono said...

We are already in 54ft and we encounter and huge rock and we cant determine how big it is. But on top of the big rock was a rock with 3 holes in a triangle sign and beliw the rock was a 3 rocks with different colors.