Aug 24, 2008

3 Yamashita treasure hunters die in Laguna

Ferdinand F. Castro
BINAN, Laguna

Tragedy ended the search of brothers for the fabled Yamashita treasure in Barangay Timbao, this town.

A friend who desperately tried to save the two also lost his life in a freak accident.
Police were told that brothers Apolinario S. Samiano, 25, married, a tricycle driver, and his elder brother Bonifacio, 28, also married, a construction worker, had died inside the hole they had been digging for one month, reportedly, after they had inhaled toxic fumes.

Their friend, Percival Delgado, 42, single, a construction worker, reportedly had tried to save the two by using a rope to go down a 30-foot-deep hole, not knowing it was tied to a water pump, that when he descended, the pump also hurtled down and crashed on his head, killing him instantly.

Binan chief of police, P/Supt. Edgardo de Leon said the Samianos and Delgado were residents of Pandacan St., Sitio Kiliti, Timbao, Binan.

Police said relatives of the victims, Francisco J. Samiano and his wife, Lucita Salazar, answered questions of police in connection with the death of the three victims.

On Tuesday afternoon, Binan police received a call at about 5:45 p.m. informing them that an explosion took place at the compound of the residence of the Samiano couple where the victims live. Police probers were still trying to verify the said report.

The victims reportedly were looking for Yamashita treasure when the tragedy took place.
"Allegedly, pag may malapit na makuha ang object o ginto may lason ang mga takip or cover nito, iyon ang trap", De Leon had claimed.

General Yamashita was in command of the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War II. When American forces, led by General Douglas MacArthur, arrived to liberate the Philippines, Yamashita reportedly hid in different places the fabled treasures he had amassed from the several places in the country, particularly in Baguio City.

Probers were still investigating the real cause of death of the victims. Police are also trying to investigate if the trios are victims of methane gas poisoning




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Unknown said...

Safety first. Most Treasure hunters seem to get killed by accidents like this.

Unknown said...

Safety first. Most Treasure hunters seem to get killed by accidents like this.